Living in Harmony with Carpenter Bees

Native Alternatives to Nonnative Ornamental Plants. Wild Ones SEPA’s suggestions for native alternatives to nonnative and often invasive ornamental trees, shrubs, groundcovers, hedgerows, foundation plants, container plants, plants for pollinators, grasses/sedges/rushes, water garden plants, plants for winter interest, plants for fall color, streetside plantings, and common nursery plants.

Nurseries Selling Native Plants

Plant This Not That. A guide to the benefits of growing native plants, not invasive plants, in Union County, New Jersey.

Alternatives to NY Invasive Plants. Cornell Univ. Cooperative Extension

Grow Me Instead. A Guide for Southern Ontario

Live Staking. Wild Ones SEPA. 2-11-22

Identifying and Managing Invasive Plants. Wild Ones SEPA Fact Sheet.

Identifying and Managing Invasive Plants. Wild Ones SEPA presentation geared to residential properties, 2022

Fall and Winter Seed Sowing — Step by step instructions for growing your own native perennials from seed.

Penn State Extension — 2022 Sources for Mid-Atlantic Native Plants

Wild Seed Project — Rugged Native Plants

Recommended Plantings for Songbirds

Chester County Native Plants Planning Bulletin

Native Plants for Stormwater Control, Crawford County

Native Plants for the Small Yard

Information about Nativars

Native Plants in the Landscape — A great overview: Reasons to choose native plants,how to select plants for different site conditions, site preparation for new plantings, and a list of resources and local nurseries that stock native plants.

A Year in Blooms — A collection of photographs showing what’s blooming, month by month. Includes botanical names.

How To Prune Young Shade Trees, from the Arbor Day Foundation and Tree City USA.

Holiday Decorating with Native Plants — Suggestions for using native plants in holiday decorating, including photos and design ideas.

Decorating with Native Plants for the Holidays — A great list of native plants that provide greens, berries, seedheads, nuts, and cones that can be used for holiday decorating.

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